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Larry K
very happy with my purchase, great power bank and can hold a lot of extra charge, only down side is a little bit heavy but I guessing this is why it can hold for so long.
Terry M.
I bought this charger for my iPhone 7+ two days ago and absolutely love it. great unit and I will recommend to anyone.
Jacquie L.
I have the accessories and would like to say that its performing very well and I like the design specially the rose gold color.
Gina A
Very satisfied with this product. Bought the charger at WPPI Las Vegas, Definitely will recommend this product to any one.
Doris P
Bought this power case for IPhone X at lBS hair show in New York City best case I’ve ever bought for my IPhone X battery life is great stayed charge for 2 days plus before I had to charge it again. Thanks Belink .Worth the money.
Jean Robertson
worked straight from the box and was pre-charged when i purchased it. saved my day as i been on a business trip at needed something like that a long time ago.
Bruce K.
Great charging case, does the job as needed.
Mark Gracelock
i love this power case, saved me many times during my work day.
Mary Hagan
i love purple color and this is the only brand i found that has it in my favorite color. it works great as well.
Michael S.
Best phone case charger i used so far, i would buy it again if needed.