The Revolution in Charging Technology
Monster Capacity 20,000Mah
Quick Charging Technology
Charge speed up to 2.1A
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Unlimited Power, Unlimited Experience
266% of extra battery life,get an additional 5000mAH battery life
Smart Technology Integration
Now nothing comes in the way of your presentation.
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The Belink Power Case for my Iphone 6 has been fabulous. With it I can stay charged all day and into the next day. It takes away the stress of having to recharge at least 1-2 times per day.

Terry Plummer

Works great especially for traveling. Use my phone all day and would normally have to plug in at least once but I find I only need to plug in at night. Very convenient. Haven’t dropped it yet so I don’t know how well the protection is.


Their active noise-canceling significantly reduces ambient noise and they have a transparency mode to let in sound. Headset performance when making calls is top-notch.

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